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Not sure what to do?

Use the Careers New Zealand interactive tools to help you move forward in your career journey. Learn more about study and training. Get to know yourself, get career ideas, and use our CV and job hunting information to help you when you’re ready to decide and act.

Career Quest: Take the quiz (Yes there are 78 Questions!) to find out how your interests and skills can relate to different job ideas.

Know your skills: Knowing what your skills are is important - not just for getting work, but for planning how you want to build your skills over time.

Subject Matcher: This tool will help give you job ideas based on the subjects that you are taking at school.

CV Builder: Register and log in to the Careers New Zealand website and start putting together your own personalised curriculum vitae.

Career Checker: Take a five minute quiz to find out how well you are doing in your career planning.

Future Intech: Futureintech shares the career experiences of New Zealand's technologists, engineers and scientists to help you decide if a job like theirs is right for you.

Career Quest Know your Skills Subject Matcher CV Builder Career Checker Future Intech

Bullseye is another website that will help you make some decisions about 'What career is best for me"
So click on the Bulls-eye logo below to check out their website - Only thing is that there is a small joining fee when you sign up to this career tool.

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