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• Dux Calculation form to collate level 3 subject GPA (Grade Point Average) results and
preliminary examination results is distributed to all Curriculum Leaders for completion
during Term 4.

• Forms are collected and collated and discussions occur with Curriculum Leaders upon
completion where necessary.

• Student’s KAMAR NCEA academic results are printed, along with their NCEA entries for
both internal and external assessments and are compiled.

• Student’s total number of Excellences and Merits are recorded.

• Student’s total number of internal credits already gained plus the possible total number of
external credits are added to see the overall total of credits to be achieved for the student is

• NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 Endorsements are recorded.

• The Year 13 Prizegiving list is studied and student achievement is recorded to show the
1st, 2nd placement in each subject area.

• Student pathways consisting of Scholarships/University courses are included.

• Students who have sat and achieved Level 3 subjects in Year 12 are included.

• A complete student academic breakdown is collated and students are ranked in
Academic Order.

• The top ranked student is the Dux for the Year and the student who is second is the
Proxime Accessit.

• The final placings are discussed and decided in conjunction with conversations with
curriculum Leaders and the Senior Leadership team.
(Note: Criteria is subject to change depending on review)


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