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We are proud of our school, which has challenged, supported and empowered young women since 1959. All students who attend our school are encouraged to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. Leadership is important to us and we provide many opportunities for our young women to experience this.

Rautāwhiri has a tradition of academic excellence and crafting remarkable leaders. Inspired by dedicated classroom teachers, we personalise learning environments that meet the aspirations of our students, their whānau, and society.

Our young women are the heart of our school and our core values underpin an innovative and vibrant learning environment. Creating a place where young women belong, contribute, and excel with purpose is important to us.

Since the establishment of our school, we have strived to support our students in their passion–be it sporting, academic, cultural, leadership or the arts. We understand the ever-changing world we live in and make it our goal to provide the guidance, stability and support needed for our students to succeed within it.

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Why a girls' school?

Girls’ schools create a culture of strong academic achievement where girls are confident and assertive, free to compete and take risks. Students become more involved in sports, benefit from teaching tailored to girls’ learning styles, and access outstanding opportunities that open doors to a world beyond school.

At Rautāwhiri, we provide a diverse learning environment that caters to different interests and enables all students to strive personally and academically. An all-girls education allows students to explore their personal development, growing in confidence and social awareness. This supportive and inclusive setting fosters open and honest conversations, ensuring every student can embrace their full potential and experience the true essence of mana wāhine.

Promoting a culture where our students can do anything and feel empowered to make a significant difference in the lives of others is essential to us.

The Rautāwhiri Way

Our mission, Whāia ko te mātauranga hei whītiki te iwi kia toa ai or Quaerite ergo scientae fontesi is at the core of who we are as Rautāwhiri. The concept translated is, Seek ye from the fountain of knowledge so the people may be uplifted, thrive, and prosper.

At Rautāwhiri, we pride ourselves on celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism; enabling us to provide a space where every individual is treasured and encouraged to excel. We foster connections with whānau and the wider community, ensuring that everyone feels a strong sense of self and belonging.

Our school values – Resilience, Integrity, Respect, and Empathy stem from our wāhine tupuna: Rangiuru, Rukuwai, Hinemoa and Karenga. These values are evident in our students, who are achievers and leaders in their own right.

With a focus on personal growth, relationships, and career readiness, Rautāwhiri provides a supportive and cohesive learning environment, where all students can thrive, and feel proud of who they are.

Every student is provided with opportunities and support in academic, sporting, artistic and cultural pursuits, and we are regionally and nationally acclaimed for our excellence.

Our students embody our school spirit and culture, whether they are in the classroom, on the sports fields or performing on the stage. Integral to every learning experience at Rautāwhiri is laughter, fun, creativity, and the fostering of life-long friendships.


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