Welcome International Students

Students from overseas are extremely welcome to study at Rotorua Girls’ High School. Girls are accepted on exchange programmes organised through agencies or they can study as foreign fee paying students for whom home stays can be arranged for an additional cost. Once students are accepted on an exchange programme with us we send an ‘Offer of Place’ to students to use for Visa applications.

We provide ESOL (English for Speakers of other languages) opportunities for students from overseas. For students from non-English speaking backgrounds, this is a wonderful opportunity for girls to develop and extend their English skills and to work in a safe and secure environment. ESOL lessons are available for students whose placement test results indicate additional English lessons would be beneficial.

Sarah Davis, the Principal,has responsibility for all overseas students.

CATCH - Cultural Awareness To Create Harmony

CATCH is a group of students who are interested in meeting and making friends with people from different cultures. The sharing, understanding and appreciation of different ideas and customs are important aspects of CATCH meetings. A range of activities, camps, talents, quests, experiences and talks are arranged and the committee is chaired by one of the Year 13 Senior Leaders.

Homestay Arrangements

We work very hard to ensure that our Homestay Providers are carefully selected, with the student’s best interests at heart.

Students have their own private room, with desk and heating facilities. Personal clothes washing is done by the host parents, unless students prefer to do their own. Students will be expected to keep their room tidy, and may be required to help with basic household chores, such as washing the dishes.

Homestay parents are encouraged to regard their student as part of their own family. They will provide transport around Rotorua to sporting or cultural activities. The Code of Practice requires that Homestay parents are aware of the student’s whereabouts at all times.

Students will be expected to join the family at meal times, and let their host parents know where they are, whom they are with, and what time they are returning home each day.

Support Services

The Principal is responsible for the student’s well being at RGHS and will assist the Year Level Dean with subject choices.

The school Guidance Counsellor, Year Level Dean and individual whanau teacher will be responsible for monitoring progress, attendance and providing advice and guidance. An interpreter can be arranged if necessary to help with translation.

We wish to make joining Rotorua Girls High School to be a happy and memorable experience for you and we will do our best to make this happen.

How to apply to be an International Student at Rotorua Girls High School


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