2021 Uniform Price List

RGHS Dress Code

The dress code has been designed to give students a wide choice of options whilst maintaining a corporate entity.

Except in an emergency, students must wear correct dress. Parents must write a letter of explanation if their daughter wears non-uniform clothing or footwear, stating the reason and the period of time. Your daughter gives this letter to her Dean in the Administration Block before school and is issued with a Uniform Pass to carry.

When a student comes to school in incorrect dress and without a note of explanation, garments are confiscated for parents to collect or parents are contacted and asked to collect their daughter, and take her home to dress correctly and then return her to school. If you have any difficulty with dress items, please contact your daughter’s Dean.

Rotorua Girls High School has high expectations of all students and their appearance. This contributes to the school image and the relationship Rotorua Girls High School enjoys with the wider community. The Board of Trustees seeks the full co-operation of all students and parents in maintaining a high standard of dress code.

Years 9 and 10

The uniform for these levels is a mix and match, all year round wardrobe consisting of:

·         Dark blue school skirt, shorts or long trousers
·         Short-sleeved school white blouse or polo top
·         Long-sleeved school maroon jersey
·         Opaque black pantyhose worn with black shoes only
·         School scarf / school black-blue beanie
·         School navy soft shell jacket
·         Navy school PE shorts and shirt

Footwear – black roman sandals (Term1 and 4 only) or flat black shoes (worn only with black tights, no boots). No socks to be worn at any time.

Jandals are not permitted and sports shoes may only be worn during Physical Education. Sandals must have a back strap and must be worn up.

Year 11

A black regulation length school skirt (available at NZ Uniform Shop)
A Navy Tie

Years 12 and 13

Years 12 and 13 Academic Scholars
• A Black and Maroon stripped school blazer (available at NZ Uniform Shop)
• A black regulation length school skirt (available at NZ Uniform Shop)

• Academic Scholars Black Tie presented by the school

Years 12 and 13 Students
• Year 12 Maroon Tie
• Year 13 Black Tie
• A Black school blazer with Maroon trim (available at NZ Uniform Shop)
• A black regulation length school skirt (available at NZ Uniform Shop)

• Year 13 Black Tie and Year 12 Maroon Tie (available at NZ Uniform Shop)

All Years 12 and 13 Footwear:
Formal and Winter Uniform
• Black pantyhose (available at school at a cost of $6.00 per pair)
• Black shoes (available at Number One Shoes, Hannahs and NZ Uniform)

Summer Uniform
• Roman Sandals

• Students who have pierced ears may wear ONE set of solid / plain gold or silver studs (one in each ear), but other jewellery is unacceptable with school uniform and may not be worn. The only exception is a watch. Diamante and dress earrings of any design are not acceptable.

Note: No visible body or nose or eyebrow studs / rings are permitted under any circumstances as a matter of health and safety

Permission to wear necklaces of cultural significance may only be given after written requests from the parent / caregiver to the Principal. Once received, with clear reasons for the request, a decision will be made and parents contacted.

It is inappropriate for students to wear make-up or nail polish at school.

• Hair must be well groomed, tidy and off the face so that students can learn effectively. Any teacher has the right to request hair is tied back in the interest of safety or hygiene
• Only hair colours in the natural human hair range are acceptable. Purple, orange, lime, green, streaked or bleached etc are not acceptable


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