Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea about where or what I want to do when I finish school, What should I do?

  • Become self aware. List your current career ideas and dreams, interests, skills, aptitudes, abilities, values and personal characteristics.
  • Try Career Quest online at TGS. This is a computer questionnaire program designed to generate suitable career options and to provide information on job requirements.
  • Look around you and observe what people work at and what they do at work.

I have a number of career ideas, how do I choose which one to do?

  • Consider your academic strengths, preferred learning style, studying ability and motivation. Find out the employment destinations of the course’s past graduates and take into consideration the length, whereabouts and cost.
  • Ask you school careers advisor’s advice and research the material in your careers centre including ‘Courses Galore’.
  • Ask desirable employers if they have a tertiary trainer preference when hiring employees
  • Visit Institutes as Student for a Day, attend open days, talk to providers at the Careers Expo

You would like to work before you do further study. What are employers looking for?

  • Strong communication skills, problem solving skills, motivation to work and complete tasks, desire to learn, flexible and adaptable attitude, team workers, energy and enthusiasm.

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