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Applications for Teachers training programmes usually have earlier due dates also.

Each course is different so make sure you go on-line now to the tertiary provider you are interested in and find out by when you MUST have your application in!

What should I be doing now to be organised to apply for University?

Here are a few things that you could be doing now to get yourself sorted for applying for uni, polytech, studylink student loans/allowances and scholarships.

  1. Verified Bank account details
  2. Verified copies of either your birth certificate or passport
  3. IRD number - if you do not have your IRD number call 0800 377 774 to get it.
  4. Get onto your NZQA page and 'order' a printed version of your Record of Achievement - THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!! Do it now as it can take up to a month to arrive through the mail. It is free to order your first copy. You will need to have your NCEA Level One and Two certificates as well as your current RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT. A print out of your results from KAMAR does not qualify as an official document!
  5. An AMAZEBALLS reference from your FAV teacher who will write awesome stuff about how fabulous you are! This is actually really important to get. DONT wait until your application is nearly due in and then ask a teacher to RUSH a reference letter. I know from personal experience that when students rock up and ask for a reference letter by tomorrow - its not quality!
  6. Start compiling the lists of all your achievements; set them out in sub categories eg academic, cultural, sporting, community involvement etc. Most people are looking for your involvement in a range of areas so - please provide as much evidence of this as possible. Start looking for all those old certificates that you've filed away somewhere!

    For more information about how to write a CV - go to the CV builder.
  7. Email Address. Make sure that you have a current email address that you check regularly. Ensure that it is appropriately named! Save your passwords and usernames in a safe place. Many students forget logins and passwords which then complicates matters!

Click on any of the University links below to go directly to their webpage and check out the application closing dates for courses and scholarships.

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