Trades careers are for people with smarts who want to do practical and useful work, who want to get financially set up without a loan hanging over their heads and who want to have heaps of options for the future.

Got a trade? Got it made! is a collaborative campaign owned by Industry Training Organisations in New Zealand. The campaign exists to re-position trade careers in the minds of 12-20 year olds and their influencers (parents, principals, teachers and careers advisers).

12 – 16 YEAR OLDS
There are heaps of trade jobs that are always in demand. The people doing these jobs make New Zealand work and grow. You can even turn your hobby into a great career and own your own business one day.

16 – 24 YEAR OLDS
If you can get a trade under your belt, you will be set up for life. Earn from day one. Join thousands of New Zealanders qualified in a range of trades who own their own businesses (and cars, jetskis, boats and beach houses) and control their financial futures. Get yourself sorted now.

Tradespeople are always in demand. This is a great career option for your child. New Zealand has a shortage of tradespeople and we will always need people who know how to do the jobs that keep New Zealand working and growing. Your child could avoid a student loan, earn from day one and set themselves up to be a business owner.

Everything just got a whole lot simpler. is your one stop shop for finding out everything you need to know about trades careers and who can help your students find opportunities that suit their vocational pathway.

For more detailed information about the range of trades careers that are available now - click here to go to the "Got a Trade?" website.

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