Digital Technology

Year 9 This course focuses on level 4 of the Technology (DIGITAL) curriculum. The course will offer students opportunities to experience and participate in a wide range of Software Programs, Technology Process, Brief Development & Design and Digital Citizenship. The course will promote student enhancement and understanding of the technological world we live and develop inquiry project based learning skills.

Year 10 students will develop computer knowledge and computer programmes in Adobe Photoshop, web skins, flash, Microsoft package, and scratch, movie maker live and sound technology. Opportunity to gain NCEA credits at level 1 in produce still images for digital media, create WebPages using a mark up language with text edit and excel.

Year 11 this course programme will allow students to develop a working knowledge and usage of software packages in Excel, Word (Microsoft), Dreamweaver (Adobe), HTML/CSS Programming, DTP-Publisher (Microsoft), Photoshop (Adobe) and Movie Maker (Microsoft).

Year 12 students will have a working knowledge of industry standard web and print design applications as well as computer science. The course includes software package usage in Adobe Master Collection CS5, Microsoft office; Scratch Programming/Visual Basic/C++, Robotics and Corel Draw X3.

Year 13 this programme allows student to develop advanced DGT working knowledge of print and web design software. It includes use of DTP-micro-soft publisher, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, MS word and PowerPoint.

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