Digital Technology

Digital technologies impact on every aspect of our lives and are vitally important to New Zealand’s growth in the 21st century. Students in New Zealand need opportunities to develop knowledge and skills with digital technologies so they are equipped to respond to rapid changes in our society.

Throughout the course, digital technology knowledge and ideas will be developed using a range of different contexts which will take into account students prior knowledge and experiences will be identified and built upon. The course aims to help students understand their part in the digital technology society and the influences that affect their choices. Students are encouraged to set their own goals and be actively involved in the assessment process. In developing the thinking, investigative and decision-making skills, students should become more aware of their digital technology environment.

Students will be able to explore the impact of digital technologies on society, understand and discuss the effect of people’s perception on digital technology developments, understand common practices and standards within the digital technology environment, explore the impact of emerging technologies, demonstrate an understanding of cyber-safe practices and ethical behaviour within a digital technology environment. investigate the changing nature of careers and employment within the digital technology field

Key areas of knowledge covered are, research and present the effect of advancement in digital technology within a local community, societal, or global setting, explore, understand, and apply ethical behaviour, identify emerging technologies and the impact of these within a range of settings (such as classroom, home life, workplace, careers, and global interaction and involvement), consider the range of career options within this field and the evolving nature of these career opportunities and explore personal responsibility.


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