Visual Art

The world is saturated by visual imagery. The visual arts provide forms of communication that inform where we have come from and how this has shaped our current place in the world.

Visual arts connect mind, heart, body, and spirit as students learn to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and actions in the development and creation of visual art works. Through studying and making art works, students respond to and make sense of themselves and their community, their society, and the world in new and different ways.

Students become reflective thinkers within the creative process, able to formulate problems and apply inquiry to generate new knowledge and or understandings. Through the process of generation, critique, synthesis, and production, students develop skills transferable to other areas of their lives and knowledge that informs critical analysis and invention.

Learners in the visual arts become productive contributors to and informed commentators within local, national, and global communities particularly through exhibitions of their work, collaborations, and interactions with audiences. They understand, interpret, and communicate the meanings and values of visual symbols from Aotearoa, the Pacific, and beyond.

VISUAL ARTS - Year 9 Rotations
Year 9 students have the opportunity to learn how to draw using shading, creating paintings in two genre such as Landscape or Still life. Students use their own world to create layered artworks studying artist models from New Zealand and from Overseas. They get the opportunity to experience several painting media.

Drawing leads to Painting, Photography, Design and Printmaking in Year 10 Visual Arts. Students study artist models from New Zealand and overseas to create artworks unique to the student. They learn a variety of styles from a variety of historical perspectives.

Visual Arts at NCEA Level 1 offers a range of media and artmaking practices such as sculpture, printmaking, painting, design and photography. Generally a class will negotiate their chosen media based on the study of domestic, wild or native plants and animals. Students have a written component in this subject that enables them to study artist models to inform their own artmaking.

Visual Arts Painting is offered at Level 2 and 3 of NCEA. Students complete a Folio for external examination. Students have the opportunity to write in the Visual Arts as well as develop their drawing skills and painting styles using artist models from New Zealand and overseas.


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