Junior Media Studies

This is a course as a year 10 option. Students will learn practical skills around the various areas that make up Media Studies including, journalism - both print and technology based - and film making. Students will have a go at blogging and starting a student newspaper. They will explore movie making, where all elements of the process will be covered. This includes script writing, storyboarding, directing, sound, lighting, and editing. Students will be working towards the RGHS Media Awards, where they can present their project created in class, which will be judged under various categories.

Senior Media Studies

A senior course in Media Studies is completed using Google Classroom as it taught via this online tool and regular meetings with the Head of Faculty. Students choose from a range of Achievement standards, which involve, article writing, script writing, film making, and analysis of issues and developments in the area of Media.

Film Club

This club is run on a Friday after school by Miss Aperahama. The club involves watching and making of films, learning of specific techniques used in film. Watch the notices and come along to enjoy this amazing club.

RGHS Film Festival

Details are yet to be confirmed

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