The Humanities Faculty at Rotorua Girls’ High School consists of four full time teachers who teach a combination of History, Geography, Tourism, Sociology, Classical Studies and Junior Social Sciences.


Wai Morrison is the Head of Faculty and teaches Year 11, 12, 13 Sociology and Junior Social Studies.

Jo Vari is the Assistant Head of Faculty and teachers Year 12, 13 Classical Studies and Junior Social Studies. She is in charge of MUNA (Model United Nations) and Asia Wise.

Karena Ngata, teachers our Year 11/12 History and Junior Social Studies. She is also the schools Specialist Classroom Teacher

Whaea Raiha Ruwhiu joins us and she is teaching Junior Social Studies


Social Studies:
This subject is compulsory for year’s nine and ten. Social Sciences at Rotorua Girls High School aim to help you understand your world and teaches you the skills to become actively involved in society. In Year 9 Social Studies we study how people organise and control themselves. We study different cultures and societies and the beliefs, rules, laws, customs and lifestyles that they have

In Year 10 Social Studies we look at how people bring about changes and how they are affected by change. Students learn how to gather different kinds of information from a variety of sources, process this information, and present it in a range of different ways.

Classical Studies
Students will study of ancient Greek and Roman societies through literature and art. At Year 12 students will study Greek Mythology, The Odyessey, Pompeii and Roman Social Life. At Year 13 students will study Aristophanes’ Plays, Roman Religion and Greek Vase Painting. Scholarship exams are available to suitable students

This subject will look at the Earths resources and how people use and respond to them. At Year 11 students will study Natural Hazards, Population and Global Patterns. At Year 12 they will look at The Amazon Basin, Urban Settlements and Development in Mexico.

This subject looks at events and issues in the past and how people choose to remember them. In Year 11 students study the Black Civil Rights and The Origins of World War Two. In Year 12 students will study the Russian Revolution, Origins of WW1, Vietnam and the Cold War.

This carries on from Social Studies and looks at Societies and human social behavior. The aim of this course is to help students better understand changes and beliefs in society and develop ways to solve social problems. Sociology will sharpen skills in research and analysis of information. Students will learn how to develop a strong, well constructed arguments and appreciate the wide range of beliefs that exist regarding social issues.

Tourism studies the travel industry and patterns and trends. At the end of each year students will achieve the National Certificate in Tourism. Students will study various countries, tourist destinations and have the opportunities to visit some of our local tourist ventures. Recently our Year 12s and 13s visited popular Tourist venues.

Model United Nations Association:
Every year we participate in the Model United Nations. Schools from around the Bay Of Plenty compete as delegates to the United Nations. They are given a country and as a group must work together to address issues of global concern.

Asia Wise
Every year we compete in this international research competition. Students have a week to research answers on a range of questions based in the Asia Pacific region. All junior students are encouraged to enter as the competition is renowned throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Humanitarian/Citizen Awareness
As part of the Sociology all students will look at a particular issue in society and work to raise awareness around it. These have recently included KIDSCAN and WOMENS REFUGE. These issues help students to realise the problems that different societies have, and ways to resolve them through direct involvement.

We try to offer a variety of field trips every year. This year students’ in the faculty will experience trips around our rohe. We also visit many of the Tourism activities within Rotorua.

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