Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics is the means of looking at the patterns that make up our world and the intricate and beautiful ways in which they are constructed and realised. Numeracy is the means of making that knowledge useful.

Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing students' ability to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data. Learning gained in Mathematics is important in other areas of study—particularly in Science and Technology. It is also important in everyday living, in many forms of employment, and in public decision-making. Mathematics presents frequent opportunities for creativity, and can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a problem is solved for the first time, or a more elegant solution to a problem is discovered, or when hidden connections suddenly occur.


Our courses enable students to build a secure framework of mathematical reasoning, which they can use and apply with confidence. The power of mathematical reasoning lies in its use of precise and concise forms of language, symbolism and representations to reveal and explore general relationships and patterns across many contexts. These mathematical forms are widely used for modelling situations; a trend accelerated by computational technologies.


The subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognized. Mathematics helps us to understand and change the World.

‘By studying mathematics and statistics, students develop the ability to think creatively, critically, strategically and logically. They learn to structure and to organize, to process and communicate information, and to enjoy intellectual challenge’. NZC p. 26

Helpful Messages for Learning Mathematics



There are currently six members of the Maths faculty:

Christopher Niles, Head of Faculty

Kylie Hill, Assistant Head of Faculty

Yugeshwari Naidu, Teacher in Charge of Y13

Trish Pike, Teacher in Charge of Y9

Juliet Boone, Teacher in Charge of Y12

Karen Aldridge,Teacher in Charge of Y11


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