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Mobile Phone Policy

First, we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our students who have embraced our new "Phones Away for the Day" guidelines with enthusiasm and responsibility. We understand this is a significant adjustment, and we're incredibly proud of the majority of you for your outstanding efforts in adapting to this change. Your cooperation is truly appreciated! 🙌

As we continue to navigate this transition, we've got an exciting lineup of activities planned for break time this week to keep everyone engaged and entertained.
From arts & crafts to quiz time, sports, and now introducing the free play boxes - there's something for everyone during break time! 🎨🤔🏀

If you have any ideas for regular activities you'd love to see happening during break time, don't hesitate to share them with Mrs. Katu. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to make break time even more enjoyable for everyone!
Once again, a huge THANK YOU for your support and cooperation with this significant change. With your help, we're confident that "Phones Away for the Day" will become the new normal in no time. 📱❌🕒



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