Scholarships, grants and awards are a great way of funding your tertiary education. Here’s some information about what’s out there and how to get it, along with some links to get you started.

What type of scholarships, grants and awards are there?

To get a scholarship, you need to meet certain criteria, which can be based on things such as:

  • Area of study
  • Academic merit
  • Community service or involvement
  • Ethnicity
  • Financial hardship
  • The industry or trade
  • Leadership
  • The region you grew up in, or where you plan to study

Scholarships can apply at different education levels, such as diploma or Masters degree, and also vary in what they cover. For example, some may cover tuition fees only, while others cover all course costs and some of your living expenses.

There are thousands of scholarships, grants and awards, so you should take a good look to see what you can apply for. There may be more opportunities than you think.

How do I know what scholarships, grants and awards I can apply for?

The Breakout website is a database that has access to over 4000 different scholarships, grants and awards in New Zealand. It is free to use if you are logged into one of our school computers. You can also access this database from the Rotorua Public Library. Click on the Breakout link below to access the data base.

Other places you can go to to get information about scholarships, grants and awards:

  • Talk to the careers staff at school
  • Visit the university and polytech websites for specific scholarships that they may offer at their institute
  • Check with sports, community, religious and other interest groups that you are involved in
  • For Maori and Pasifika students, there are a range of scholarships that you may be entitled to apply for. Click on the Breakout link below to find out.

Click on the GivME link below to got straight to their database and see what you may be eligible to apply for. Remember that you must be connected to the school Network if you want to access this

Scholarship due dates

Make sure that you are familiar with the due dates for scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. Do not assume that all scholarships have the same due date and requirements for application. Get online and start researching NOW!

Ensure that you prepare all the information that is required for the scholarship. Have all the information ready before you start the application..

Have essay and personal statements prepared early, the more people that can check/read over/fix up these statements before you use them the better. Ensure that spelling and grammar is correct and that you completed all sections of the application and all information included is current, relevant and truthful.


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